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Built around a group of security architecture experts and pentesters in 2007, ITrust provides its customers with a high level of expertise and innovative solutions, both enabling them, over time, to significantly and continuously increase their security level.

ITrust is best known for being a cybersecurity service provider (consulting, auditing, MSSP), as well as an innovative solution provider. ITrust distinguishes itself as the European leader of two sectors: vulnerability management (with IKare) and detection of unknown attacks, APTs and malicious behaviors by means of behavioral analysis (with Reveelium).

Our leading solutions are non-intrusive and can be easily integrated within existing infrastructures, enabling managers and security analysts alike to focus on their core activity, rather than on setting-up new tools. At the intersection of cybersecurity, Big Data and artificial intelligence, Reveelium is a unique solution for detecting stealthy and sophisticated threats.

We offer the best deals, not subject to the Patriot Act and perfectly fine-tuned to the risk and maturity levels of our clients, which range from SMEs to large public and private organizations and OIV (*Opérateur d’importance vitale = an organization identified by the state as having a vital impact on society).

More than 150 clients in France and, beyond our borders, in Benelux, Switzerland, Germany and the UK, have placed their trust in us.

ITrust is more than 300,000 IPs audited annually by our innovative solution IKare. It is a company that finds itself at the heart of the European cybersecurity ecosystem as co-founder of the Digital Place ICT cluster, of the FPTI (Fédération des Professionnels des Tests Intrusifs – the Union of Professional Penetration Testers) and of the PRISSM Think Tank (reuniting all IT security professionals from the Midi-Pyrénées region). Winner of the International IT Innovation Trophy in 2015 and of the Secure Career Project, ITrust is recognized by the French state as one of its 34 most innovative technologies.

Our Products – International Reach

ITrust’s foundation was built on the expertise of our engineers and security consultants. Historically, the company is dedicated to hiring the best engineers out there and to work on complex IT security issues in penetration testing, extended enterprise PKI for various aerospace accounts, mobile security management and so on.
Given today’s unceasing technology advances, computer security is continuously changing. ITrust is watchful of these new challenges and proposes in-depth studies and tailored solutions.
Our expertise is constantly evolving with the help of our customers’ knowledge, peer exchanges and a steady monitoring of IT security benchmarking.
The company transfers its know-how to customers, making security best practices immediately and widely accessible.

Simplicity translates into our strong desire to render IT security services more easily accessible to small and large businesses alike, and to develop, in this sense, relevant tools fulfilling urgent needs.
A modern and innovative cybersecurity tool should be both simple and user-friendly, without impacting the organization of an information system.
Such a tool highlights essential information, expressed in a clear manner and adapted to the user’s profile. As a Business Intelligence-oriented solution, it can recover only that information which is essential with the help of synthetic decision indicators.
Above all, these new security tools do not require human resource allocation. A project, a Project Manager or a business must be able to implement it without altering the business organization.
ITrust always keeps simplicity in mind when designing its services and its products.

Since the company’s inception in 2007, many customers have chosen to rely on ITrust. This vote of confidence is a result of the desire to be close to our customers, to share with them our expertise and to provide them with high quality service.
ITrust accompanies large accounts and small businesses alike in the pursuit to sustainably improve their computer security. To this end, ITrust guarantees a high level of quality, recognized by its customers.
This level is achieved through automated and manual testing, by integrating security best practices, combined with concrete and precise forecasting.
This close-knit relationship with ITrust’s clients is sustained through our security products and services, which are derived from a 100% French capital and research, rendering them not subject to the Patriot Act.


The company was founded by

  • Jean-Nicolas Piotrowski, former CISO of BNP Paribas
  • Henri Piotrowski, former CEO of EADS ATR.

Their combined experience (past: banking and aeronautics) plays an important role in distinguishing ITrust as being one of the key players in the cybersecurity industry. To date, ITrust has over 150 clients in France and is building strong partnerships all over the world.


ITrust is a member of the Aerospace Valley cluster and co-founder of Digital Place, an international cluster.
Our technical references and sales partners are Bull, ITSS, EBRC, Numergy.

Our locations around the world

The ITrust headquarters is based in Toulouse, in the South West of France. The company also has offices in :

  • Paris (France)
  • Toulouse (France)
  • Frankfurt (Germany)
  • New York (USA)
  • San Francisco (USA)