Since 2007 we have been protecting companies and their assets.

Created in 2007 around a core group of intrusion testing experts, ITrust S.A. develops breakthrough technologies in Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity from its headquarters in Toulouse and its offices in Paris and NewYork.

“We are convinced that the Machine Learning is the most important technological brick for our customers over the next 10 years in Cybersecurity.” Jean-Nicolas Piotrowski President and Founder

ITrust is the French software leader in AI applied to cybersecurity.

2nd fastest growing software publisher in France over 4 years according to LesEchos.

That’s more than 350 clients in all sectors around the world who are protected by our teams and software.

ITrust is a technologically advanced group that brings together :

    • A leading AI software publisher with more than 60 employees
    • A school AN21 of datascientists, developers et experts in Cybersecurity
    • An laboratory d’IA in Cybersecurity with partners such as Scopelec, ministries, SNCF…
    • A thinktank NXU (Next Humanity) on NBIC-related societal issues
    • Subsidiaries such as 4securitas, Dragon, which support and complement our expertise.
    • A unifying event around cybersecurity Cyber@hack
    • Relationships with the most important AI laboratories in France and Canada
    • OIVs and secretly protected strategic assets
    • A strong societal commitment by supporting integration associations, concert halls and sports clubs.

Gathered around strong values:


We offer sovereign offers, not subject to the Patriot Act, and perfectly adapted to the level of risk and maturity of our clients, from SMEs to large public and private organisations as well as OIVs and OSEs.

Our non-intrusive solutions are easily integrated into existing infrastructures and offer ease of use that allows security managers and analysts to focus on their business rather than on tool configuration. Reveelium brings a unique solution, at the crossroads of cybersecurity, big data and artificial intelligence, to detect the most furtive and sophisticated threats. Ikare supervises in prevention and eliminates the risks of intrusion, Acsia allows to bring a remediation in front of a risk.

Sovereign Action

    • Crédit Agricole BanK
    • Caisse d’Epargne BanK
    • Nestadio, Fintech La Française

An experienced Board

    • Jean Nicolas Piotrowski, Entrepreneur, Telecom Engineer
    • Henri Piotrowski, Former CEO of EADS Airbus ATR
    • David Ofer, Entrepreneur, HEC

A recognized company

In 10 years it is more than ten trophies, a recognition by GP Bulhound as a potential unicorn in France and the United States.

One technology

the only one of its kind in Europe.