I would like to share our commitment with you. Who are the entrepreneurs / managers that validate these statements?

In these troubled times I asked the #Itrust teams:
– to support companies in difficulty even if they lack budget (Free COVID Kit for all)
– to participate in the effort to fight the #covid
– to try to maintain R&D investments within the group as much as possible (more than 65% of the company’s expenses)
– to maintain our activities and services at 100%, for our clients
– to honour all invoices from our supplier partners on time
– to maintain the subcontracts as much as possible
– to maintain jobs in our structures without resorting to layoffs
– to maintain patronage and support budgets for cultural foundations and associations (for example in Toulouse, where ou Headquarters are located)
– to limit unemployment as much as possible (currently 0%)
– to create jobs (more than 10 new hires in the last 2 months)
– to promote teleworking (now 100%)
– to promote the #EuropeanSovereignty

It is our duty to reveal ourselves and to rise in difficult times, #TOGETHER!

Jn P. President of ITrust