Dark Net exposure audit

The exposure audit evaluates a company’s area of exposure to threats.

We identify for companies their sensitive information that is exchanged or accessible in the hidden internet. We search on the Internet, the deep web or the dark web, we focus in particular on the search for traces of malversation.

Fond d'écran digital

What we’re detecting in cyberspace:

  • Servers actually exposed on the Internet (fierce, recon-ng, shodan, etc.)
  • Persons Publicly Connected to the Company
  • Domain squatting attempts
  • Publicly Disclosed Corporate Vulnerabilities
  • Account presence in public data leaks (password leak, etc.)
  • Slander/complaints/public negative opinions about the company
  • Sensitive information on social networks (hashtag, etc.)
  • Sensitive documents indexed on search engines
  • Sensitive information in job postings
  • Sensitive information in internship reports
  • Sensitive information in time machines on the Net
  • Sensitive information on the Dark Net
  • Customer bases and contact details
  • Industrial know-how

Our Deliverables

  • Occasional activity report
  • Monthly activity report – This report is published every month, independently of the alert reports. It contains the metrics and the summary of the monitoring carried out for the client over the past month: indexed sources, number of alerts processed, false positives, general statistics, general observed facts not directly related to the client case…
  • Bi-annual analysis summary – Twice a year, the monthly report provides an opportunity for a historical analysis of the customer’s cyber surveillance, putting the level of risk and cyber activity in a temporal and sectoral perspective.