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Vulnerability Scanner

A true prevention tool, IKare automates the management of IT vulnerabilities and good security practices, and facilitates corrective actions through relevant and targeted alerts. IKare analyzes computer networks in near real time and detects badly configured equipment, CVE, CVS, security flaws. With no agent to deploy, no traffic analysis probes, easy to use and non-intrusive, non-impacting on the IS.

Infrastructure, web and application scanner
The IKare solution is used to detect vulnerabilities in your information system, websites, and web applications. This way you protect yourself against hackers, malware, and insiders.

The “EndPoint” of remediation

Acsia agents installed on sensitive servers or applications can detect abnormal behavior and provide the ability to block a malicious user or process. A true intelligent remediation tool, it can block attacks, malware, insiders, and data loss.


SIEM Reveelium centralizes the logs of IT and OT equipment and applications. It allows to correlate events between them. Equipped and armed by default with more than 600 detection rules, it is the ideal tool for tracing activities, bringing your information system into compliance, and detecting malware. On Premise or in cloud mode.

SIEM UEBA Threat Hunting

SIEM UEBA and Threat Hunting automates threat detection to decrease detection time, reduce the number of false positives and increase the productivity of SOC (Supervision Center) teams.Provided in On Premise or Cloud mode, OEM or managed (MSSP, MDR) by Itrust or its partners.

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