Offers and prices

IKare is a flexible solution in SaaS on Premise or on Cloud that will easily adapt to your constraints and the size of your network. All versions of IKare include the full range of security management features.

You can test a free one-month trial version.


  • SaaS deployement
  • Deployment
  • Lifetime of use
  • Discovery machine – Cartography
  • Machines (IP) scanned
  • Monitored perimeter
  • Number of scans/machines
  • Business Units
  • Users
  • Knowledge Databases
  • Alerts
  • Reports
  • API Access
  • Syslog Export
  • Software update
  • Technical Support
  • Compliance testing
  • Multi Holder – Multi Probes
  • Web Scanner / OWASP Application Scanner
  • Decision-making dashboard
  • Zero Day Module
  • Defense Secret Module – Offline Mode
  • Option Managed – ikare is analyzed and monitored by ITrust teams. MDR mode


  • Virtual Machine
  • 1 month
  • Unlimited
  • 32IP
  • Internal and/or external monitoring
  • Unlimited
  • 4 max
  • 1
  • Available 1 month later
  • Only IHM
  • PDF
  • 1 Url


  • Virtual Machine
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • 32IP – 2048IP +
  • Internal and/or external monitoring
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Knowledge base updated every morning
  • API, IHM, logs, SMS, Mail in option
  • PDF, CSV, XLS…
  • ✔ (illimité)
  • In option : contact us
  • In option : contact us
  • In option : contact us

By default, we offer IKare as a virtual machine, which allows you to download and install the solution in a few minutes. If you wish to use IKare only as an external SaaS, i.e. installed in our secure infrastructure and accessible from a web service, please contact us.

ITrust offers a consultant license for partners or independent consultants. For this also contact us.


The concept of vulnerability management is a process that means identifying, assessing and responding to internal and/or external threats to your information system, applications, web network… Whether you are a large or small business, you are not immune to a computer attack. . Understanding the global nature of security issues is always a long process, costly to implement and difficult to manage, especially when you know the diversity of resources and threats associated with them. To help you choose the right solution, ITrust offers a list of points to consider in determining the offer that best suits your company’s needs.

Ikare is more powerful than other solutions on the market. Here is a description of the comparative functionalities.

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