Cybersecurity on Demand – Service Tickets

The service ticket offer allows you to benefit from the expertise and skills of the ITrust teams and its ecosystem and partners, through an annualizing on-demand service contract. You control your budget. You involve us at your request

Competencies covered

  • Training and Awareness Plan
  • Security expertise
  • ISS Consulting
  • Accompaniment (decisions, calls for tender, product choices)
  • Forensic (incident response) / investigation
  • Intrusive organizational configuration audits.
  • Specific development


  • Flexibility and provision of a direct telephone number
  • Provision of a monthly summary of tickets used and available
  • Direct access to the development laboratory and level 3 support (intervention and post-incident investigation)
  • Access to the ITrust user club where ISSMs and CIOs share their experiences every quarter at a luncheon.
  • Dedicated sales and technical contact person
  • you are a VIP customer in case of emergency

Examples of problems classically answered :

  • I have a simple security question and I would like an answer or an opinion.
  • I need to resolve a security incident in an emergency
  • An ill-intentioned employee leaks confidential information or harms my company, I have to intervene in coordination with the courts
  • I would like to raise awareness or train an employee or my department
  • I need a one-time study on a tool choice
  • I need to set up security equipment
  • I need to follow audit recommendations from internal audit or third party companies
  • My hard drive/server was destroyed and I want to restore my vital data.
  • I need to set up a security product
  • I need to study the availability of my application and set up a PRA
  • I need to hire a consultant to tell me how to secure my IS.
  • I need to test the security of my website
  • I would like to immediately identify the security flaws of my web servers on the Internet
  • I need to identify any vulnerabilities in my IS.
  • I would like to lead or set up security governance, improve my charter, define an ISSP
  • I need to define and implement risk and safety indicators and dashboards.
  • I want to test the security of the IPads that a partner has offered to my VIPs
  • I’m being hacked I need HELP!