IKare: scan your web applications and websites

ITrust uses the IKare solution (vulnerability scanner) to protect your data as best as possible. This solution allows you to reduce by 90% the vulnerability of your web applications and websites on which they are deployed.
90% is also the success rate of our intrusion tests (audits) at our customers’ sites. IKare allows us to identify and correct these security flaws.

Many tests are integrated in IKare to control your security level and protect you against hackers and kidees scripts.

Tests implemented

– SQL: language allowing to communicate with a database widely used by web developers to communicate with the data of a website.
– XSS: weakness of the site allowing to manipulate the browser of a victim to steal his session.
– LFI/RFI: Lack of control over user input to import malicious files to the site or server.
– DT: unprotected site structure, allowing hackers to navigate in the server tree.