ITrust signature brick

Easily integrate the electronic signature into your website or intranet

Get your documents signed online

Add the “sign” button to allow your clients to quickly sign all types of PDF contracts.

The dematerialization of processes and exchanges is increasingly important and requires to guarantee the exchange of data. The electronic signature plays a predominant role in these exchanges.

The ITrust signature brick is an easy way to set up a secure exchange of documents.

The software offers the possibility to :

  • Sign a document without printing it (saves paper)
  • Send the document by e-mail (stamp saving)
  • Signing a document without meeting (travel reduction)
  • Keep the document in digital format (simplification and elimination of paper archiving)


ITrust has developed an electronic signature software used in particular by large institutions in Europe. We offer it as “plug and play” software or adaptable to our customers.

This electronic signature brick is used to legally sign documents through a Web interface and APIs capable of calling PKI (Private Key Infrastructure PKI) infrastructures.

Brique de signature
  • Step A: the user connects to the business application with his or her login credentials.
  • Step B: it enters the necessary information for the application
  • Step C: the application invokes the signature wizard
  • Step D: the user accepts the general conditions of use of the signature
  • Step E: on the “next step” action :
    • The business application generates a PDF file with the elements of the authorization request.
    • The assistant transmits the document to be signed to the signature brick
Brique de signature

Advantages :

The signature software can be easily installed and configured. We offer specific development for custom requests thanks to our software development team.

The brick is fully adaptable to all technologies and special needs.

Our clients say it better than we do:

“The electronic signature brick developed by ITrust has enabled us to rapidly deploy the signing of contractual documents to our members. ITrust’s development teams took our specificities into account and adapted perfectly to our needs through a high level of service and development quality.

The development required a particular level of competence combining coding and security expertise. These two associated skills are rare and ITrust met our expectations perfectly”.

RSSI, of a French Ministry