IKare is a tool that automates the implementation of security best practices and vulnerability management.

You get a simple network monitoring solution, as well as easy management and control of key security factors. This increases IT security by 90%. IKare is 10 times more effective than an antivirus or firewall.

When computer vulnerabilities are identified by a malicious person, they can be exploited, allowing unauthorized access to a computer network or confidential information, stealing trade secrets, using personal data for fraudulent purposes, paralyzing business activity and many others…

Benefits of the solution

  • Decrease your IT risk exposure: IKare’s solution reduces the company’s IT vulnerability rate by up to 90%.

  • Upgrade to best security practices: traditional firewall and antivirus tools are not enough to guarantee an optimal level of security. A Vulnerabilty Management policy coupled with best practices management allows you to waterproof a company’s IT network.

  • Automate your vulnerability analysis processes: The IKare solution allows a total automation of the actions undertaken to deploy the security policy.

  • Provide your management with decision and action tools: IKare transforms scattered, fragmented and fragmented technical information into detailed dashboards presented in a managerial, decision-making and actionable way. In addition, the automatic nature of IKare’s vulnerability detection allows management to control the results of the actions taken to repair and prevent security breaches.

  • Variable and lower operational costs: no disruption to production during security scanning, better use of IT security infrastructure and lower production and operations insurance premiums reduce operational costs.

  • Save time on deployment and operations: save time on the installation and updating of the solution, on large-scale and multi-site deployments, in case of evolution of the physical IT base, evolution of IT applications, introduction of new applications or when adjusting the number of IP addresses.

  • Get into full regulatory compliance: the Ordinance of August 26, 2011 (Escoffier Law) stipulates that “in the event of a breach and violation of personal data, the service provider must notify the CNIL and potentially interested parties of the existence of the breach”, which it can avoid if it detects the breach in advance with a vulnerability scanning solution.


IKare is provided as a virtual machine for internal deployment and/or as a service to perform on-demand scans from ITrust infrastructures.
IKare is supplied in 3 models:

  • IKare on premise – on-site deployment
  • IKare cloud – scans from the cloud in SaaS mode
  • IKare managed – IKare + an engineer